The high mortality rate of catfish does not only cause economic losses for catfish farmers. It also causes environmental pollution in the form of odors and without proper care, it may also decrease water quality of nearby river. Therefore, several UNY students consisting of Kurniawan Budi Kusnanto (D4 Electronic Engineering), Abdul Mujiburrohman Lutfi (D4 Electronic Engineering) and Nilam Andi Safitri (D4 Electronic Engineering) developed "Smart Aquaculture in Catfish Cultivation" which hopes to reduce the level of death of catfish which in the end also reduces the chance of environmental pollution.

“The technology we have developed is in the form of monitoring pond conditions, where pond conditions greatly affect catfish yields. This monitoring is based on IoT with the aim of fish farmers being able to control the condition of the water in the pond without having to be near the pond," said Kurniawan.

"This application uses a smartphone device that has been integrated into a controller device that has been installed in the catfish pond so that the work process of catfish cultivators is faster, more efficient and can minimize mortality in catfish and maximize yields," said Kurniawan.

The innovation "Smart Aquaculture in Catfish Cultivation" was presented at the Electro Activities Program (E-Time) competition (10/05 – 6/07/2021) and won 2nd place. Hopefully, this innovation will help catfish farmers to run sustainable and responsible production