The Faculty of Engineering of Yogyakarta State University held a briefing on Industrial Practices for students of the class of 2018 (01/31/2022). This briefing presented resource persons from the industry to share climate and work world demands. Appearing as speakers were Mazda Saputra from Waskita Karya Ltd., Samrat from Mitra Anadalan Kalasan Ltd., Romdiyatmi as Manager of Via-Via Resto, and Oby Zamisyak, founder of Indobot.

Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Yogyakarta State University, Prof. Herman Dwi Surjono, Ph.D., in his remarks explained that Industrial Practice is a benchmark about the extent of the link and match between learning and industry demands or criteria. "In addition, Industrial Practices have also become a marketing event for graduates, if termed, you are the spearhead of the imaging of this institution," he explained.

"All of you will not only be ambassadors for themselves but also as representatives of the face of this institution and a professional ambassador always displays the best performance," he continued.

The briefing on Industrial Practices is expected to be able to provide an overview to students regarding matters that need to be prepared before entering the industrial world.

In addition to work culture, this Industrial Practice is expected to provide space for students to be able to learn aspects of entrepreneurship so that it can provide inspiration and motivation to create new jobs, "he added.

"In addition to these things, students can also study a case when carrying out industrial practice and set forth in an industry practice report, if possible, the case can be appointed as a Final Project or Final Thesis," he concluded. (Steven)