In 2023, the Faculty of Engineering UNY received a visit from Saison Personal Plus (SPP) Co., LTD, a company engaged in labor recruitment in Japan. SPP Co. LTD visited to socialize the Internship program in Japan to FT UNY students, which was then followed by a selection process in August 2023. Receiving this excellent opportunity, FT UNY certainly moved quickly to meet the needs.

"The Faculty of Engineering UNY as one of the organizers of higher education institutions continues to make efforts to establish relationships with many relevant industries, both on a national and international scale," said the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering UNY, Prof. Herman Dwi Surjono, Ph.D, during the Socialization & Guidance workshop for International Internships in Japan, which was attended by partners from Japan, namely SPP Co. LTD on Wednesday (24/05) last week. "This is part of FT UNY's commitment to continue to improve international performance, and add to the list of partners and cooperation activities abroad," he added. The partnership with foreign companies is also to support UNY's work program towards a World Class University.

On that occasion, Koji Yasunobe, a representative from SPP Co. LTD, said that the purpose of this visit was to initiate cooperation in recruiting internship students at a company in Japan, namely Maruko Food. It is hoped that the Faculty of Engineering UNY students can meet the company's criteria and can participate in the internship program for 3 selected students. They plan the student selection process in August 2023, the preparation process and language training for 2-3 months, followed by departure in October / November 2023.

After the hospitality and socialization of the program, the agenda of the visit from the Toshima City-based company was followed by a lab visit and viewing of student works. SPP Co. LTD was very enthusiastic to visit the lab and see the ongoing practical learning process. They also provided some input related to technology and work culture, which will certainly be very good for continuous improvement of learning quality.

The company SPP Co. LTD will certainly add to the list of FT UNY partners in Japan. In the last 2 years, the Faculty of Engineering UNY has sent several students to conduct International Internship activities in Japan, including at (1) Yokoyama Kenma Kogyo, Co.; (2) Yutaka Seisakusho, Co.Ltd.; (3) Nikou Co. Ltd.; (4) Domremy. Co. Ltd.; (5) Imazato Food Co. Ltd.; and (6) Sagami Fresh Co. Ltd. In the near future, in mid-June 2023, 10 students will go to Yutaka Seisakusho, Co.Ltd, for a 1-year internship until May 2024. Armed with a long portfolio of cooperation with several companies, the Faculty of Engineering UNY is confident in being able to offer talented young talents to Koji Yasunobe as the leader of the group from Saison Personal Plus CO., LTD.