Garuda EV-22 UNY Won Three Awards at Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) 2022

The Garuda EV-22 Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta (UNY) electric car team earned three awards at the Formula Electric Student Championship (FESC) Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) 2022. The competition was held in Jakarta from 30  March 2022 to 10 April 2022. There were 11 teams from various universities who participated in this competition. UNY successfully won in the Overall Champion category, 1st Place in the Skidpad Category, and 1st Place in the Endurance category.

FESC IIMS 2022 is the first on-track competition for the UNY team. Team Manager, Kesit Bayu Purnomo, said that the team must determine the right strategy to achieve the overall champion target. "The team has gone through a series of processes including preparation, research, manufacturing, and driver training which lasted for three months," he said on Sunday (10/4).

In the Endurance category, UNY relies on batteries with a capacity of 72V/64Ah. With this capacity, the Garuda EV-22 UNY car can cover a distance of 50 km with a maximum speed of 80 km/hour. The casing on this Battery Pack has considered the risk of overheating. Each lithium battery is spaced enough to prevent overheating. In addition, to maintain the temperature of the Battery Pack, each battery cell has a layer of aluminum plate to accelerate the transfer of heat generated by the battery.

Garuda team driver Sultantyo Djatenegoro explained that the challenge in this competition was the driver's agility and endurance. Every team must complete 60 laps of endurance and efficiency tests. "The track was sandy and wet from the rain. That's why we used wet tires to reduce oversteer," he said. One of the critical advantages of UNY cars is the excellent drivability of the vehicle with a perfect chassis through handling and braking tests of the car. This positive feature was proven when the Garuda UNY car won the best skidpad category in the previous Student Formula Japan.

Garuda EV-22 Team Advisor Dr. Zaenal Arifin feels proud that the UNY team has finally achieved the overall champion target. "The team must be more prepared to face the upcoming competition, namely the Shell Eco-marathon 2022," said Zaenal. The UNY Faculty of Engineering lecturer thanked all UNY leaders who have supported the Garuda EV-22 team and the support of sponsors to allow the team to get the overall champion in IIMS 2022.
Garuda EV-22 has two electric motors mounted on-wheel on both rear wheels. There is a controller to control the two electric motors. The role of this controller is crucial, especially when the car is cornering. When the vehicle is cornering to the right, the left wheel must rotate faster than the right wheel, so the controller will adjust the electric motor on the left rear wheel to turn more quickly than the electric motor on the right rear wheel. Therefore, installing the two electric motors on-wheel has the advantage of maneuverability due to the electric motor controller.

The Garuda EV-22 UNY team consists of Kesit Bayu Purnomo, Sultantyo Djatinegoro, Achmad Irfak Ghoniya, Syahdani Arnoyoga, and Muhammad Faqih Widem.  They were all from the Faculty of Engineering. I Wayan Adiyasa, M.Eng, a lecturer in Automotive Engineering Education, FT UNY, guided the team directly. The UNY Garuda Team's achievements in IIMS 2022 are proof of UNY's commitment to improving the quality of education and supporting the development of clean energy vehicles. (Dedy, Tj.Lak)