Vice Dean of International Office and Cross-Strait Affairs of I-Shou University, Prof. Huang Wenshen, Ph.D. visited the Faculty of Engineering of Yogyakarta State University (FT UNY) (16/03/2023) to explore opportunities for international cooperation between the two institutions. Guests from I-Shou University were received by the Dean and Vice Dean of FT UNY, the UNY International Office and FT UNY lecturer Andik Asmara.

The discussion began with an introduction and brief presentation of the FT UNY profile by the Dean of FT UNY, Prof. Herman Dwi Surjono, Ph.D. followed by Prof. Huang Wenshen who also explained the profile of I-Shou University and several international collaboration programs that have been running.

On this occasion, various cooperation schemes were discussed, including Student exchange for undergraduate students in the field of engineering. Later, it is expected that every year each party will send students with tuition fees borne by the campus occupied. Double degree cooperation was also discussed during the visit. The initial stage of this program is to immediately study and equalize the curriculum of each department.

Research collaboration (joint research) is also a discussion of the discussion and it is hoped that joint international research cooperation can be carried out and produce reputable journal articles. Visiting Professor activities are also a possibility for resource sharing cooperation between UNY and I-Shou University.

In particular, I-Shou University offers a capacity building program for D4 Mechanical Engineering graduates to work internships in affiliated industries in Taiwan and upgrade to S1. In this program they will get the opportunity to work in Taiwan at a designated company, with a monthly salary range of 13 million rupiah (26,000 NTD). The implementation is through a 3-year contract, with details of 1 year of lectures, 1 year of internship, and 1 year of full time working in the industry. The work contract can be extended by looking at the worker's performance. The program is expected to start in August-September 2023.

Prof. Huang Wenshen, Ph.D. said that I-Shou University has good relations with several universities in Indonesia and is ready to cooperate with FT UNY. The visit agenda ended with the handover of mementos and group photos.