Based on data, the number of fire cases in Jakarta reached 2,183 cases in 2020 or an average of 4 fires a day. One of the causes of the fire was LPG gas leaking. This problem has taken Indobot's interest as a local Indonesian company to create an LPG Leak Detection System to minimize the impact of a larger fire.

"The main purpose of this leak detection system (LDS) is to assist pipeline controllers in detecting and localizing leaks. LDS provides alarms and other related data views for pipeline controllers to assist in decision making." said the founder of Indobot Oby Zamisyak in an official statement, Tuesday (1/6/2021).

The Indobot team conducted various kinds of research and included the results of their research in various competitions. One of them is the international competition Nisshinbo Audio Innovation Challenge which was held last month and announced on May 31, 2021. This competition received support from various world technology players, such as Nisshinbo Group Japan, New Japan Radio, The National Voice for Singapore Startup Ecosystem and Action Community for Entrepreneurship (ACE). In this competition, Indobot managed to outclassed of hundreds of finalists from various technologies and won 3 Prize Winners as representatives of Indonesia. Indobot's flagship research product in the competition is the LPG Leak Detection System. The benefits of these products managed to attract the attention of the judges and delegates from many Japanese companies.

Following this success, Indobot also had the opportunity to implement a product with Nisshinbo where they would also provide the technology, information, and equipment needed for the development of the product. In addition, Indobot also had the opportunity to have discussions with Nisshinbo/New Japan Radio technicians. "Our dream is to implement technology created by young Indonesians and local companies, and through this competition we have proven that we can do it," said Oby.