Joint Gymnastic in the 59th Anniversary of FT UNY to Strengthen Good Relationship and Familiarity

The Head of University hopes that this event can be a kind of refreshing from office routines so that it can refresh the spirit and unite the steps of all elements of Faculty of Engineering Yogyakarta State University ( FT UNY ) to realize the vision of the university to become a world class university.

Meanwhile, the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering Yogyakarta State University, Prof. Herman Dwi Surjono, Ph.D., in his speech said that this agenda was a FT UNY anniversary celebration which was used as a action to strengthen good relationship and familiarity between all faculties components.

He added, through joint gymnastics and various competitions that had been designed, the entire FT UNY family united without a dividing barrier between leaders and staff and lecturers and students. 

The dies committee, which was led by the Automotive Engineering Education Department, has also collaborated with Samsat to present the Mobile Bus for Driving License and STNK extension services. Besides that, to add to the lively atmosphere, various competitions were also arranged, from the level of children, adults and mothers. "Starting from karoke competitions, table tennis, tennis, coloring and drawing, gift wrapping, stagen rolls, and coloring competitions," continued Herman.


"We also invited PMI Yogyakarta for a blood donor event and there was also a health check in collaboration with Faculty of Medicine UGM," explained Herman Dwi Surjono during the activity.

Herman in his speech also gave a high appreciation to all participants who took part in a joint gymnastics event and the compactness of all the committee in holding the event.

"This event was held to strengthen our family sense as well as relaxation after undergoing daily work at this faculty and the joint gymnastic can remind us all to always maintain health and body fitness," he said.

Meanwhile, on the stage there were some bands performance from FT UNY and the winners of the karoke competition which was held earlier. There were also prizes giving for the winners of competitions both in sports and arts as well as attractive door prizes from sponsors raffle. (winarti)