PT Sugar Group Companies Recruit Alumni from Faculty of Engineering, Yogyakarta State University

PT Sugar Group Companies through its recruitment program re-opening jobs to find the best candidates with suitable qualifications and placement positions. The company which is engaged in industry allocates seats for D3 and S1 graduates. S1 graduates are prioritized for engineering faculties, especially majoring in automotive engineering, electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering.

PT Sugar Group Companies' recruitment was divided into several selections, including written tests and interview tests. Saturday (11/23) at the LPTK Building FT UNY a written test and interview test were held, a written test followed by 275-300 applicants. From the number of applicants, only 10-12 candidates are recruited to be positioned in each division of the work of PT Sugar Group Companies.

Nanda (BKK staff) said that PT Sugar Group Companies annually holds a recruitment program at FT UNY, one of the criteria is fresh graduates or already graduated. "For other criteria, it can be seen on PT Sugar Group Companies website," he added.

"Applicants are not only intended for UNY, other universities in Yogyakarta which have engineering majors are allowed to take part in the selection. Every year there must be a number of FT UNY graduates that we receive, because in FT UNY there are some techniques that we need. I hope that many FT UNY graduates will join PT Sugar Group Companies "said Nindita as HRD.

One of the applicants, Titik Sarifatun (Padjadjaran University) said that he was very enthusiastic to participate in the selection of PT Sugar Group Companies. She hopes that everything will be better prepared. (winarti)