PUPR Competency Test Certification for Students of Faculty of Engineering

Faculty of Engineering YSU in collaboration with the Ministry of Public Works and Housing held a provisioning and certification testing for students of Faculty of Engineering. The event, which was held at the Faculty of Engineering, was attended by 200 participants from the Electrical Engineering Department and Mechanical Engineering Department from D3 and S1 levels with their respective skills tests such as draftsmen, lathe operators, electrical, programmed control installation technicians (PLC-based), and lighting and Power Phase Three installation technicians. 

The provisioning was held on Thursday, December 5, while the certification test was carried out one day afterwards, divided into two sessions, written session and interview session. Due to lack of computer facilities in computer lab, the provisioning activities especially for Drafter / Mechanical Drafter were divided into three sessions. One session consisted of 18 participants. While in the lathe field there were practical activities carried out in the Faculty of Engineering workshops.

According to Rifandra as a lecturer and coordinator of Mechanical Engineering Education Department, the purpose of this provisioning was to prepare students so that when they graduate they have certificates and their expertise is recognized. The aspects assessed in this certification exam are only the assessors who can assess and state whether or not the participants are suitable in the field of certification exams. He also said that this activity was to improve their abilities, so that later students could compete in real work situation because in this era the proof of this certificate was needed. It has well known, in this MEA era, work competency certification has become very important, especially from user stakeholders to be able to compete with workers, especially those from other countries. Hopefully this activity can run again and as students must prepare themselves to take exams like this, because this activity is free, there is no charge at all, and students also get gifts of shirts, bags, and certificates from PUPR through the LPJK (Institute for Construction Services Development ).

One of the certification test participants, Febrian Nur Hidayat said that with this activity students felt helped because they were not charged at all, could add certificates to later be able to compete in the real work, and also add experience. He hopes that next year it will be held again and the quota of participants to take part in this certification can be added so that his friends can also participate in activities without limiting the amount of quota. (winarti)