Realizing a Young Technopreneur, Faculty of Engineering, Yogyakarta State University Organizes an Incubation Event

The Faculty of Engineering of Yogyakarta State University accommodates students' creative work by organizing Technopreneurship events every year. This year Technopreneurship was joined by nine groups from various departments in the Yogyakarta State University Faculty of Engineering. Students who pass the Technopreneurship selection stage are fostered by holding incubation events which are routinely held every week.

Saturday (11/16) the second incubation was held in the 2nd floor KPLT courtroom. The event was attended by five groups that passed the previous selection stage. The second incubation raised the topic of branding in order to attract the attention of consumers. The speaker at the second incubation event invited one of the alumni majoring in automotive engineering at Yogyakarta State University, Mr. Joko Istiyanto.
The incubation program begins with the presentation of the material by the speaker then continues with a presentation on the progress of the product being worked on. After the presentation, each group received input from the speaker and one of the Faculty of Engineering lecturers, Mr Surono as the lecturer in charge of the incubation program. After the second incubation event, students are expected to be able to develop products according to the directions given. Products that have been repaired will be displayed at the Supercamp event which will be held in Boyolali on November 23, 2019.

According to Vaisa (Civil Engineering 2017), as the head of the incubation organizer, hopes that the group that passes can participate in PIMNAS and carry the good name of the Faculty of Engineering. He also hopes that the incubation program next year can be attended by more students and expects that every department in the Faculty of Engineering will send candidates to participate in this event. One of the participants who participated in the incubation event, Askar (Automotive Education 2016) hopes that this event will start at the beginning of the year so that the products produced can be maximized and reach the marketing stage so as to realize the true Technopreneur. (Steven)