University Visit and Benchmarking Agenda of the Delegations from the School of Hospitality and Creative Arts, Management and Science University (MSU), Malaysia.

      The faculty of Engineering, at Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta (UNY), has welcomed the delegation from the School of Hospitality and Creative Arts (SHCA), Management and Science University (MSU), Malaysia. The delegations consist of 45 students and 2 lecturers who were coming to have a university visit and benchmarking agenda in connection to the Department of Culinary and Fashion Design on 21st June 2023. The purpose of this visit is conducted to enhance and keep updated development about the areas of culinary, hospitality, and tourism industries, especially in food culture and travel trends in Indonesia. The delegations were welcomed by The Dean, Faculty of Engineering, Prof. Herman Dwi Surjono, M.Sc., M.T., Ph.D., at the Meeting Room, KPLT Building 3rd Floor, Faculty of Engineering from 9 to 12 a.m. This event was opened by remarks from the Dean, and followed by a presentation from MSU’s representatives Mr. Achmad Sayuti bin Yahya and Mr. Shahrulnizam bin Hassan that leads all of the students in Culinary Arts along the visit, it was expected that MSU visit to conduct further cooperation of both universities.

          This focused visit was to keep updated on the development of areas of culinary, hospitality, and tourism industry, especially on food and travel in Indonesia from the Department of Culinary and Fashion Design, UNY, and also to identify the potential program for exchange activities (student and staff mobility) between UNY and MSU. At this point of meeting, the vice dean of research, cooperation, information system, and business management, Dr. Darmono, M.Pd. added that this program was to conduct exchange mobility for the students and joint program at MSU reciprocally. Moreover, this program expected that the mobility student activities such as (credit earning points, international teaching practice, and job training overseas) will affect further collaboration significantly. In these great opportunities, both universities realized that some programs will be implemented such as online classes, student exchange, and credit transfer at MSU reciprocally soon.

            In this session, there was a presentation from the representative from the coordinator of the culinary study program Dr. Badraningsih Lestariwati, M.Pd. about the overview of “The culinary and tourism sectors of Indonesia”, her outstanding presentation gives them an understanding of food technology and the process to make quality food. Together with this, Dr. Fitri Rahmawati explained the development of the culinary and tourism industry in Indonesia and promote the traditional foods that locally attract the tourism sector. She further argued that traditional food with ethnicity is nuanced in every taste of Indonesian food. She mentions many foods that are popularized in our society so that tourists could enjoy rich ingredients the Indonesian food heritage and tropical vibes.

            Lastly, Mr. Achmad Sayuti emphasized that this collaboration could strengthen the partnership between UNY and MSU, it also empowered the linkage between the Faculty of Culinary and Fashion Design, UNY, and the School of Culinary and Creative Arts, MSU, Malaysia. This visit could be triggered for both universities to formalize a partnership through MoA (Memorandum of Agreement) with a specific program in the future. The MSU students also present the Melayu Dance's cultural performance, which was great and entertaining. This showed us the uniqueness of Melayu culture because we know that Indonesia and Malaysia are sisterhood countries with almost the same culture to impress our cultural heritage. (Ratna)