Robot Mobo Evo from UNY managed to achieve first place in the National Robot Indonesia Contest (KRI) held this week online. This competition is organized by the National Achievement Center, Ministry of Cultural Education Research and Technology.  Mobo Evo was ranked number one in the Indonesian Football Robot Contest (KRSBI) Wheeled division which is one of the new categories that adopting 1997’s RoboCup Middle Size League international level.

Krisnan Prabandaru as the team leader with Annida Khoerun Nisa as the manager, Adlan Nufahaidar, Rizky Syarif Hidayatullah, Bramandha Al Kautsar, Rohsan Nur Marjianto, Ahmad Arif Sultoni, Galih Masykur Aditama as the programmers, Muhammad Ikhwan Dwiyana, Fregi Nandika Wicaksono, Nur Milati, Dhito Nurfian Putra, Tomi Aditya as the electronics part, and Naufal Dafha Bukhori, Muhammad Hilmi Bandanuji,  Alif Muhammad Farras, Muhammad Fahridzotul Ustman mechanical parts supervised by Sigit Yatmono, S.T., M.T, have prepared the robots since December 2020. Krisnan Prabandaru added that they thoroughly made the preparations for this National Robot Contest as best as they could. "The Mobo-Evo team did research preparations by creating match pitches, making dummy (obstacles on the field), making wickets, doing robotic treatments, programming robots, and making backup components," he said. 

Annida Khoerun Nisa, as Team manager, mentioned that many obstacles arose in the preparation process and in the Contest including technical problems. "Thanks to the team’s hard work and good cooperation, those problems could be managed and the supports from family, friends, lecturers during the preparation of the Mobo-Evo," said Annida.

Vice Rector for Student Affairs and Alumni of UNY, Prof. Lantip Diat Prasojo felt grateful for the achievements obtained by the UNY robot team which got secured first place. He hopes that in the future these achievements can be maintained even more improved. (Dedy, Tj. Dev)