Yogyakarta State University Creates Portable Stepping Sink

The Department of Civil Engineering Education and Planning, Faculty of Engineering, Yogyakarta State University, created portable stampede as a form of active role in the Covid-19 performance. The sink was made by Muhammad Riza, Didik Setiawan, & Fauzan Surya Valistya under the guidance of "Nur Hidayat, M.Pd., Dr. Slamet Widodo, Dr. Nuryadin, Dr.-Ing. Satoto E Nayono.

The advantage of Westafel is that it does not need to be touched or operated by hand so as to minimize the possibility of spreading the virus.

"We do not need to touch water faucets and liquid soap directly because both of them can be technically controlled using the foot stepped on," explained Nur Hidayat.

The background of making this tool is because in the midst of the corona pandemic conditions there are still many public places that are not yet equipped with facilities for washing hands like traditional markets, but the level of public visit is still high. This is compounded by some people who are still reluctant to use hand washing facilities in public places because they might doubt their cleanliness.

Furthermore, Nur Hidayat explained that the use of this tool was enough to step on the pedal like in a car until the water tap is open and liquid soap comes out of the bottle.
"In addition, this sink also does not require electricity and can be moved (portable) as needed, both outdoor and indoor," added Nur Hidayat.

This tool is very suitable for use in various public places such as terminals, mosques, markets, health centers, polyclinics, mosques, shops / minimarkets, and the like.

Nur Hidayat added that making prototypes took 3 days. "After the prototype was finished, we only needed 2 days to make each unit," he continued.

The cost of making each unit is very affordable (no more than 1 million per unit). In the meantime, the production of the tread sink is still for internal Yogyakarta State University and will be donated to health centers around the campus. (Steven)